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About Us

Compassion, dignity, and respect. We are Quality Life.

Quality Life is a New Zealand Social Enterprise based in the beautiful countryside of the Horowhenua. In early 2013 the husband and wife team, Linda and Eddie Hoogenboom, decided to start an enterprise specialising in recreational and therapeutic activity solutions for the Aged Care and Disability Sectors in New Zealand.

Overseas, there is more access to meaningful activities for the Aged Care sector, and those living with Dementia and Disability. Unfortunately, they have not been available to New Zealanders until Quality Life began.

Through their collective experiences, which you can read about in our ‘Meet the Team’ section, and through their own personal Faith, Linda and Eddie have formed a deep conviction that the elderly, disabled and vulnerable are entitled to the same opportunities for selfactualisation that more ablebodied people in our society enjoy so readily.

And so Quality Life was born.

Our Vision is simple

We want to see all New Zealanders in Aged or Dementia care enjoy the Quality of Life they deserve.

Our vision is that Quality Life will provide a service to both industry professionals and family members and friends who need assistance in meeting the recreational and therapeutic needs of the people they care for. We want to make it easy for you to enrich the lives of those in your care through meaningful activities.

We are dedicated to providing innovative activity and therapeutic solutions that are not only stimulating, but are safe and affordable. As a result we ensure we stay up to date with current industry practices and standards in the Health and Disability sectors. We are closely engaged with other leaders in the industry, and are collaborating with them to develop better solutions for future generations.

Looking to the future

We are at the forefront of the Aged Care and Dementia industry in New Zealand. Not only do we provide you and those in your care with the best the world has to offer, we are now in the process of creating products specific to our unique culture and heritage. We understand the specific needs of New Zealanders because we are owned and operated by New Zealanders.

We believe that you deserve the best, created by the best, and we intend to provide it.

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